Security Ninja

Protect Your WordPress Site

  • easily protect your WordPress site from script kiddies
  • test for more than 30 security issues in seconds
  • in-depth explanation of all security tests
  • simple instructions on how to strengthen your site

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  • scan WP core files with one click
  • quickly identify problematic files
  • restore modified files with one click
  • great for removing exploits and fixing accidental file edits/deletes
  • view files’ source to take a closer look
  • fix broken WP auto-updates
  • detailed help and description
  • color-coded results separate files into 5 categories:
    • files that are modified and should not have been
    • files that are missing and should not be
    • files that are modified and they are supposed to be
    • files that are missing but they are not vital to WP
    • files that are intact
  • easy-to-use GUI

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