Security Ninja

You'll lose money when your site gets hacked! Act now and don't be a victim.

Test Security Ninja NOW!

Know Everything in Minutes

It takes less than a minute for Security Ninja to perform the scan after which you'll immediately see the color coded results along with links to detailed explanation of the problem and ways to fix it.

Comprehensive yet Simple

Some performed tests are simple, some complex, but the only thing you have to do is click "Scan now" - rest is up to Ninja. Simplicity and ease of use are one of our primary goals from the start.

+3 Years & Thousand of Sites

Security Ninja has been around for more than three years and has protected thousands of sites. All those people also had access to our premium support giving them an additional peace of mind.

Our tried and tested solution has only the features you really need;

  • perform 40+ security tests including brute-force attacks
  • check your site for security vulnerabilities and holes
  • take preventive measures against attacks
  • don't let script kiddies hack your site
  • prevent 0-day exploit attacks
  • use included code snippets for quick fixes
  • add-ons available for adding extra protection
  • extensive help and descriptions of tests included
  • fast and professional support

Continuously expanding list of tests includes;

  • brute-force attack on user accounts to test password strength
  • numerous installation parameters tests
  • file permissions
  • version hiding
  • 0-day exploits tests
  • debug and auto-update modes tests
  • database configuration tests
  • Apache and PHP related tests
  • WP options tests
Core Scanner add-on

Keep your core WordPress files in check

Easily monitor the state of your WP core files. Have a clear view of files that are modified but shouldn't be and restore them with a single click.

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Malware Scanner add-on

Keep all custom WordPress files in check

Powerful heuristic malware scanning algorithm will check all your themes, plugins, uploaded files and options table for suspicious content.

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Scheduled Scanner

Automated scans - a great peace of mind

Have Security Ninja do automatic, periodic scans of your sites, including scans of core files. If there are any changes you'll be notified via email.

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Events Logger

Know everything that's going on your site

Monitor, track and log more than 50 events on the site in great detail. From user actions, to post edits and widget changes - Events Logger sees everything.

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Surely nobody will hack my site ...

Yes, that's what we all think until the worst happens, and then, it's too late. Anybody can get hacked.

Protect your site now for FREE

Absolutely not. You may experience a slight slow down while tests are being run but that takes less than a minute.
Sure! Security Ninja works with all themes.
Yes, Security Ninja works with all plugins except security related ones. There is currently an issue with Wordfence preventing Security Ninja's test to be performed while Wordfence is active. We’re working on resolving this issues. For now, please disable Wordfence while running Security Ninja tests.
None! Security Ninja will just give you the test results and suggest corrective measures with precise instruction. It will not make any changes to your site.
Sure! Security Ninja works with all themes.
Of course. It’s merely a reporting tool.
Yes. It’s your site you can do whatever you want with it. Running tests on other people’s sites is illegal but Security Ninja can only perform tests on the WP it’s installed on.